Rush, her Eyes

Why I wouldn’t let you under, Rush,
Is coz I want to watch your eyes
As they, from above me, breathe fire on me,
As you gently rock on my throbbing cock.
To watch your eyes as you move,
And as your full breasts like
Two ripe orbs of desire swing calling me stiff,
I dig deeper and deeper into you, feeling the slide
Through the wet canal, lost hard among
Walls of slippery, lustful water troughs
That pours freely through to give me life,
And you move and move making my desire thick
And I’m blinded tense, and I’m
Held by your eyes.

Your eyes speak to my veins and
Their deep, dark secrets know to move my depths.
Imprisoned by their will, their powerful call,
I lie, you on me, serving your moist, warm love.



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