Rush, the first time

“What am I doing, here?” and
In the fast fading light there is
Still some room for philosophy:
“You need me. I need you, alright?”
And you give a nervous shrug and make a grunt
As I hold back my hunger to take your cunt.
“We needed this, that’s why we’re here” — and
You look far away into the scenery.
Stepping over the lines is not easy for you
Who is his and his alone; a paragon of virtue.
So, I pull you close to me and hold your face in my hands.

I remember that day, as Moses remembers God’s voice.
Every tremor of your unused person, twisting and turning
In the first encounter with the stranger’s touch.
Lips locking on lips, on the side of your neck,
Sliding down to caress, kiss, suck and bite each
Delicious full breast from each. Your first
Unsure moves to pull me up, grabbing my head, to keep
My downward moves in check. But those
Thighs I’ve hungered for, from the first day we’ve met,
For those inner flanks I’ve waited too long
That I promised you I would do you no wrong
When I crossed your vaginal lips with my cunt-hungry lips.

You were guilty, later, that him you have wronged,
That I reminded you he was my friend too, all along.
That, though the world may not see us together as fit,
That, this had to happen this way – and that, this is it.
You were happy with my reasoning and making bold
I kiss your neck, draw you close, you sigh and tighten your hold.
Your half pruned tuft, wet and delicious to the touch
Touches my half slumbered cockerel who eagerly twitch.
You pin me down, swivel, rise on my lap, grab it, squeezing it soft,
Run the other hand up and down on me, pinch me slow; then, rough.
I stroke through your hair, which to the shoulder falls,
You kiss my ear and you whisper, you want my balls.



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