Maria, while reading

Barefoot, cross-legged you read,
Concentrating on a hard-cover book.
Softened, intoxicated, bare-eyed, I watch,
Smooching you, soft-licking, with every look.

Your sweet face is a rose that blooms when you smile,
The pout of your mouth as you bend over the book
Makes my blood run hard, go torrent and I think
Of the thousand times in feverish dreams you I took

As your softest of murmurs intense, dissolved into the sky
As I pushed you hard, on my lap, your legs around me loose,
As you draw me to where you’re warm, feed me with your joy
But make sure the conquest happens in the speed that you choose.

Barefoot, cross-legged you read,
And to your divine being, with love, like god,
And as if to show it knows I watch, I yearn,
Your soft, small toe, for a moment, nod.



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