Maria, a disturbing dream of.

The meaning of the whole world, Maria,
Can be summed up by your radiant eyes, or
By a single brushstroke of your smile. And that
Impression of your smile lighting up the dull earth
In all innocence and what’s virginal tells me
You must not be touched, must not be forced,

That, you yourself is purity and meaning
In a world otherwise lost to the dull and coarse.

Therefore, I am appalled by what I dreamed, Maria:
Of you meeting my eye with an earnest eye of desire;
Of my hands undoing the silks that cover you,
Groping inside with subtlety, feeling the tenderness
Blush and yield to fire. Maria,
I dreamed you throw back your head as I
Soft-nibbled the light brown flesh mounds
Of your Marylike nipples, slipping into feverish sounds.

I was disturbed how real it felt, though in dream,
As I traced down your fair, smooth body my fingers, tongue,
And how approving you were in your silent submission
Which only knew whispers, seconds of highs,
And sharp murmurs of awaking wanton,
As you let me move on, with your smothered, hushed cries.



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