Rush, her feet

I, who have taken you all,
Today, I turn to your well-formed
Feet. As you
Stroke my chest,
Toes press my nipples,
Trace patterns down my body,
As you caress my waist, kick my member
Out of play.

Your feet I’m in love with,
I kiss the soles with much care.
Trace my tongue along its length,
Softly bite it here, now there.
Kiss each inch of desirous flesh,
Watch you wince, watch you close eyes, and
Suck each toe, suck in between,
Your gasps, my Promised Land.

You ask me, are they pretty,
And I tell them, they are soft and supple.
Are they like my woman’s when I suck them?
I say, no, I enjoyed hers more.
Parting your lips, with a small gift of smile,
You push one toe deep into my mouth.
The other foot you slide down me,
Down my chest to my crotch, and
You play with my tip; you say, I want some more.



Rush, the first time

“What am I doing, here?” and
In the fast fading light there is
Still some room for philosophy:
“You need me. I need you, alright?”
And you give a nervous shrug and make a grunt
As I hold back my hunger to take your cunt.
“We needed this, that’s why we’re here” — and
You look far away into the scenery.
Stepping over the lines is not easy for you
Who is his and his alone; a paragon of virtue.
So, I pull you close to me and hold your face in my hands.

I remember that day, as Moses remembers God’s voice.
Every tremor of your unused person, twisting and turning
In the first encounter with the stranger’s touch.
Lips locking on lips, on the side of your neck,
Sliding down to caress, kiss, suck and bite each
Delicious full breast from each. Your first
Unsure moves to pull me up, grabbing my head, to keep
My downward moves in check. But those
Thighs I’ve hungered for, from the first day we’ve met,
For those inner flanks I’ve waited too long
That I promised you I would do you no wrong
When I crossed your vaginal lips with my cunt-hungry lips.

You were guilty, later, that him you have wronged,
That I reminded you he was my friend too, all along.
That, though the world may not see us together as fit,
That, this had to happen this way – and that, this is it.
You were happy with my reasoning and making bold
I kiss your neck, draw you close, you sigh and tighten your hold.
Your half pruned tuft, wet and delicious to the touch
Touches my half slumbered cockerel who eagerly twitch.
You pin me down, swivel, rise on my lap, grab it, squeezing it soft,
Run the other hand up and down on me, pinch me slow; then, rough.
I stroke through your hair, which to the shoulder falls,
You kiss my ear and you whisper, you want my balls.


Rush, her bum

The times you’ve swung them before me
Just so that sway turns me on inside.
The rhythm of your full bottoms
Giving shape, as you swing, to your tight-ass jeans,
And with your burning eyes you ask me, what a hard on means.

The time you stepped up to me, in that room, against that wall,
And I held you to me, feeling the warmth of those cheeks
As I squeezed the mellow cushions of those soft, round buns,
As you stroked my naked torso, in a bid to make me free
From desire for you I’ve held back from you, the world and all.

The first time you stripped the mauve panties
And held out to me that round bottom,
Urging me to take it, as I had told you, with my mouth.
How I pulled you on to me, tonguing with lust the moment,
As you pushed down on me, I had you going in, around, and out.

Like the charged moans you let escape you
The time I entered you from back, pushing in
Penetrating that soft hold my tongue had known for weeks,
Harder and with force, my hole-hungry member,
As with my hands I grope and part your warm cheeks.

Rush, her Eyes

Why I wouldn’t let you under, Rush,
Is coz I want to watch your eyes
As they, from above me, breathe fire on me,
As you gently rock on my throbbing cock.
To watch your eyes as you move,
And as your full breasts like
Two ripe orbs of desire swing calling me stiff,
I dig deeper and deeper into you, feeling the slide
Through the wet canal, lost hard among
Walls of slippery, lustful water troughs
That pours freely through to give me life,
And you move and move making my desire thick
And I’m blinded tense, and I’m
Held by your eyes.

Your eyes speak to my veins and
Their deep, dark secrets know to move my depths.
Imprisoned by their will, their powerful call,
I lie, you on me, serving your moist, warm love.